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Missions at PGBC

Montes Claros, Brazil, Mission Trip

Joel Webb (new church construction), Sandy & Jill Gay (church evangelism), and Heather Pree (Vacation Bible School team), traveled to Montes Claros, MG, Brazil, July 6-19, 2012. They joined over 100 other volunteers from Baptist churches across the United States.

It is reported that there were over 4500 decisions for Christ during the group’s time in Montes Claros. But God’s greatest work may come right here in the United States, as He uses those returning from Brazil to evangelize locally; work with their own churches to bring people back to church, and lead friends and neighbors to Christ.



Rio Grande Mission Trip

In 1998, the mission ministry contacted the Rio Grande River Ministries of Uvalde, Texas. Being informed of many needs for establishing Hispanic churches both in Texas and Mexico, a mission team of PGBC members went to Uvalde to build for the Hispanic people living in the area a new church building. It was called the New Jericho Baptist Church. In addition to building the church, a Vacation Bible School was conducted. This mission trip was such a blessing to the mission team that an eagerness was felt to continue Mission Ministry.

The following year, another mission team crossed the Mexican border at Eagle Pass, Texas, and traveled to Acuna, Mexico, where the group built two small homes which would be used also as church meeting places.

In July of 2000, the mission team traveled 53 mi. southeast of Eagle Pass to Villa Union, Mexico, where a Medical Center was erected in five days. Also, on that trip, they worked with a church mission group from Austin, Texas, helping them to complete the drywall work on a daycare center located in the compound of the medical facility. Women from PGBC conducted a V.B.S. there.

The following Christmas the people of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church made financial contributions to send toys, Hispanic Bibles and teaching materials to the small church in Villa Union. Several P.G. members made the trip to Mexico loaded with love gifts for our Hispanic Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

In February, 2001, a mission team made a repeat trip to Villa Union and completed the plumbing, drywall work and added another coat of paint to the Medical Center.


Laurel, Montana Mission Trip

In 1986, several men from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church helped build a Baptist church in Laurel, Montana. This was just the beginning of what would later be the formation of a Mission Ministry.