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Trapped Under Water


This was written to Praise and Thank my Rescuer.

Rescued 11:30am, June 11, 2005

I had bush-hogged for about two hours that Saturday morning and had decided to mow a little closer around the pond and go to lunch after that. Fate changed my plan. I got too close to the pond’s edge and the tractor turned over into the pond. I was underneath, under water and mud, upside down and strapped to the seat. I would be dead in minutes if I didn’t get loose and out to breathe. I tried to unfasten the seatbelt but couldn’t, then I tried to raise my head above water but couldn’t. At that moment I said a silent prayer, “Lord, I need help.” Instantly the Lord helped me. We released the seatbelt and I got out from under the tractor, mud covered from heat to foot, and in my mouth, eyes, nose and ears, but I was unhurt.

Rescued December 23, 1951

I was 24 years old and drowning in sin. My girlfriend (now my wife) attended church regularly. I went with her, repented, and Jesus became my Lord. From that time till now He has helped me to be a better husband, father, and provider, and in many other ways. It was natural for me to pray, “Lord, I need help.”

Is He your Lord? Are you following his teachings? You can. Please read the following scriptures: John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 10:9-10, and Romans 10:13. I provide a manual called “The Covenant of God’s Love.” Call me if you would like a copy.

Bob Whatley