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From 1st Choice Pregnancy Resource Center:

Amy was a teenager in a crisis pregnancy with full intention of ending it in abortion. Her mother asked Amy to come see us, "just to talk."  Amy reluctantly agreed, and after speaking with a Client
Advocate, returned for an
ultrasound.  When she left, she was still undecided, but contacted her advocate a short time later and shared that she had made a
decision for life!  Later, she took several classes, and earned Mommy Bucks to spend in the Mommy Store.  Recently Amy, her mother, and her baby son came to see us at the Center.  Amy gave us a Thank You card.  This is a rarity.  Amy also allowed us to hold her son; this too is rare.  Holding that baby and knowing that his mother, in a momentary state of panic, was considering ending his life is heart aching and heart filling at the same time.  Amy had support throughout her pregnancy.  Her mother was there every step of the way.  Her mother just needed a little bit of support from us to help Amy see the blessing she was given when she was given her son.

New Church Membership Directory

Work is underway to produce a new church membership directory that will be in both printed format and electronic format for computers/smart phones.  You will be contacted for either a copy of a photo or to have a picture taken while at church as well as information update.

SBTC Disaster Relief Training    Myrtle Springs Baptist Church
Saturday, January 10    8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
Cost: $30

Covers lunch, a Disaster Relief t-shirt, yellow cap, background check, and DR identification.
Training will be provided for all Disaster Relief specializations, including feeding, shower/laundry, clean-up, recovery, chaplaincy, child care, water purification, and assessment/operations.  Specialization training will occur before lunch.  Intro to SBC Disaster Relief (Basic Yellow Hat) will be offered after lunch for those who need it.  All new volunteers and those whose IDs are about to expire (after 3 years) should plan to take the Intro class.
You may register at the door, but preregistration is encouraged at the SBTC Disaster Relief page at
This training is open to members from churches of any SBC affiliation.  We especially need volunteers trained for the new feeding unit currently housed at FBC Redwater.